Emerging Free iOS Apps: Slotomania, Pick-Up Sticks and Kung Fu

This week independent developers from all over the world ruled the free iOS charts, with new games from Playtika, Ateam Inc and iDevua Treelight all performing very well upon their release. Games once again made up the majority of the free charts on both iPhone and iPad, with the sole exception being Yahoo’s highly anticipated new lifestyle app Livestand from Yahoo!.

New Titles on the iPhone Free Apps List

Hardest Game Ever – 0.02s – Orangenose Studios’ free game Hardest Game Ever – 0.02s is this week’s new #1 free iPhone app. The game challenges players to test their reaction times with a series of ultra-short minigames that require the completion of a specific task in as little as two milliseconds. The $0.99 pro version of the game has also performed well, showing up in the #16 spot on this week’s paid iOS charts.

Pick-Up Sticks – In the #5 position this week is independent developer Speedy Winner Holdings’ new game Pick-Up Sticks. Featuring four game modes, power-ups, a multiplayer mode, and Game Center support, Pick-Up Sticks is a surprisingly full-featured take on a simple childhood game. The game is free to play and monetizes through the purchase of coins, which are used to unlock additional themes, which allow players to pick up everything from chopsticks to sausages.

Slotomania – Israeli developer Playtika’s social game Slotomania has made the leap to iOS. Previously available on Facebook, Mail.ru and popular Russian social network Vkontakte, Slotomania is a cartoony slots game that incorporates social elements. Players can send their friends free coins, spins and gifts, or just play solo and enjoy the game’s numerous and frequently updated machines. As with the Facebook version of the game, Slotomania monetizes through the purchase of in-game coins. Slotomania was released on November 7th and is currently the #17 free app for iPhone.

Gang War – Moving down to the #34 spot we find Gang War. Launched on October 28th, Gang War is a mafia themed multiplayer game for iOS. Players can choose from one of eight different gang factions as they quest to take over the world. As with many games of this genre, the game is free to play and monetizes through the purchase of the game’s premium item, which in this instance is Gangland Points. Gang War was released on October 21st, and is currently offering players 50 Points for signing up as an introductory bonus. Gang War is credited to Hye Ryoung Kim and GameZen.

Ellie – Help me out… Please – Finally, all the way down in the #50 spot is the unique mystery/puzzle/horror game Ellie – Help me out… please. In the game players must help a young girl named Ellie, who is being held for ransom under some very mysterious circumstances. Players assist Ellie by solving a series of increasingly difficult puzzles. Ellie – Help me out…please was developed by Japanese studio Ateam Inc, and monetizes by allowing players to purchase hints for its fiendishly difficult puzzles.

New Titles on the iPad Free Apps List

Hidden Object Crosswords HD –  The free iPad charts also have a new #1 app this week. Hidden Objects Crosswords HD is, as its name suggests, a combination of hidden objects and crossword gameplay. Players of the game get the hints from the crossword portion, and after solving the clue must find the object that corresponds to the answer in the hidden object section. Although the game was released on June 16th, it is only now seeing traction on the iOS charts. Hidden Objects Crosswords HD was was developed by Dekovir Entertainment, and the entire game is unlocked via in-app purchase.

Glass Tower 2 HD Free – New game Glass Tower 2 HD Free makes a strong debut this week in the #5 spot on the iPad charts. Credited to Russian independent developer iDevua Treelight, the game has a simple premise: players must break the the blue glass blocks without breaking the red glass blocks, which rest on top of them. This is of course, far easier said than done, thanks to the game’s realistic physics engine. Glass Tower 2 HD was released on November 3rd.

Livestand from Yahoo! – Curated content app Livestand from Yahoo! is Yahoo’s long-gestating answer to Flipboard. The app is free utility that allows users to collect, organize and view content culled from a variety of partner magazines and Yahoo branded content. The app supports up to four unique profiles and allows users to share their favorite content via Facebook. Livestand was released on November 2nd and is currently the #15 free app for iPad.

Dark Dot – In the #18 spot on the free iPad charts is Dark Dot, a brand-new top down shooter from the Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab. In the game players control a swarm of tiny dark dots, whose formation can be changed by drawing on the screen. The dots primary goal is to shoot down enemies, but they have other skills as well; living dots can revive dots downed by enemy fire and and if the player collects enough items the dots will unleash powerful special attacks. The game is completely free and does not require the player to view ads or make in-app purchases, but the trade off is that it is quite short, with only 4 levels. Dark Dot was released on October 28th.

KungFu Warrior – Closing out our free iPad app charts in the #40 position is KungFu Warrior, a 2D brawler that lets players control a Kung Fu warrior – who looks suspiciously like Bruce Lee – as he embarks on an epic quest to avenge his master’s death. The game features 27 levels, 11 different types of enemies to beat up and supports Game Center achievements and leaderboards. KungFu Warrior was developed by Triniti Interactive Limited, and monetizes through in-app purchases.