Emerging free iOS apps: Logos Quiz Game, Cannon Cat and Smash Cops

This week’s free iOS app chart is lead by AticoD’s simple triva app Logos Quiz Game. Although an older app, the game has experienced a sudden surge in popularity, climbing to No. 1 on the free iPhone charts and No. 5 on the iPad charts.

Two new games also make strong debuts. Loqheart’s Cannon Cat flies to the top of the iPad charts since its release on April 26, landing at No. 4. This week’s other strong debut is a new free version of Hutch Games’ Smash Cops. Readers may remember the game was quite successful on its first run as a $2.99 paid app, hitting No. 8 on the paid app charts and No. 28 on the top grossing charts in late January.  The free version of the game was released on April 25 and is already at No. 3 on the iPhone charts and No. 1 on the iPad charts.

This week’s top free iPhone apps

1.Logos Quiz Game1▲2
3.Smash Cops3▼1
4.Socialcam Video Camera4▲5
6.Draw Something Free6=
7.Dot Line7▼2
8.Smack That Gugl
9.Deer Hunter Reloaded9▼1
10.Color Text Messages+10▲32
11.Zaklamp 11=
13.Flick Home Run ! New Free13=
14.XSack Dude14▼2
15.Design This Home15▼1
16.Temple Run16▼1
18.Pic Stitch18▲2
19.AppFusion – 6 in 1!19▼3
20.Bike Race Free – by Top Free Games20▼3
21.Jetpack Joyride21▲3
22.Free Music Downloads “Free Music Download” – Downloader and Player__22▲1
23.Slide ►23▼4
25.Pandora Radio25▼4

This week’s top free iPad apps

1.Smash Cops1=
2.Deer Hunter Reloaded2=
3.Draw Something Free3=
4.Cannon Cat4▲1
5.Logos Quiz Game5▲25
6.Skype voor iPad6=
7.Virtual Table Tennis 2: Ping Pong Online HD7▼3
8.Jetpack Joyride8=
10.XThe Weather Channel® for iPad10▲7
11.Maestro: Music of Death Collector’s Edition HD11▼2
12.Kindle – Read Books, Magazines & More – Over 1 Million eBooks & News_12▲3
14.Temple Run14▼1
15.My Sketch15▼1
16.Lil’ Kingdom16=
18.Words With Friends HD Free18▲1
19.Gratis Rekenmachine Pro voor iPad19▲5
20.Dual Browser20▼10
21.Camera Professionele Effecten Gratis21▲14
22.Curious George at the Zoo for iPad22▼4
23.Angry Birds HD Free23▼3
24.Adobe Reader24▼2
25.Bravo Force: Last Stand25▼4


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