Emerging free iOS apps: Draw Something, Khan Academy and Gardens of Time

This week Inside Mobile Apps is pleased to announce we are changing the way that we track the movement of iOS apps as they rise and fall on the free, paid and top grossing charts. From now on, our charts will be put together using AppData, Inside Network’s traffic tracking service for iOS and Facebook applications. Instead of highlighting just five iPhone and five iPad apps, we will now show the rankings of the top 25 iPhone and top 25 iPad apps.

This move not only brings Inside Mobile Apps in line with our sister blogs, Inside Facebook and Inside Social Games, it means our iOS charts will now show a much more comprehensive view of the App Store’s rankings, as well as show recent movement up and down the chart.

This week, OMGPOP’s free version of Draw Something continues its hold on the No. 1 spots on both the iPhone and iPad charts. Lower down the iPhone charts, Disney Playdom’s new iPhone version of its hit game Hidden Objects: Gardens of Time continues to perform strongly since becoming a universal app available on both iPhone and iPad.

On the iPad, the week’s most impressive debut belongs to the non-profit Khan Academy, and its new app, Khan Academy – Watch. Practice. Learn almost anything for free. The app is as it says, a free app that includes detailed lessons on subjects ranging from trigonometry to cosmology to the economics behind the Paulson Bailout. The Khan Academy is funded largely by Google and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The week’s fastest rising iPad app was Alarm Clock HD Free by the Alarm Clock Company.

This week’s top free iPhone Apps

1.Draw Something Free   Draw Something Free1=
2.Pocket Whip   Pocket Whip2=
3.Plumber Crack   Plumber Crack3=
4.ESPN Bracket Bound 2012   ESPN Bracket Bound 20124▲2
5.Camera Awesome   Camera Awesome5▼1
6.Doodle Truck   Doodle Truck6▼1
7.Flashlight Ⓞ   Flashlight Ⓞ7=
8.Hidden Objects: Gardens of Time   Hidden Objects: Gardens of Time8▲1
9.Cross Fingers   Cross Fingers9▲1
10.Temple Run   Temple Run10▼2
11.Instagram   Instagram11▲1
12.Castle Age HD   Castle Age HD12▼1
13.NCAA® March Madness Live   NCAA® March Madness Live13=
14.USA TODAY for iPhone   USA TODAY for iPhone14▲1
16.Scramble With Friends Free   Scramble With Friends Free16▲1
17.Pinterest   Pinterest17▲2
18.Jetpack Joyride   Jetpack Joyride18=
19.Voxer Walkie-Talkie PTT   Voxer Walkie-Talkie PTT19▲1
20.ICEE Store!   ICEE Store!20▼4
21.Bejeweled Blitz   Bejeweled Blitz21=
22.Plants War   Plants War22▲2
23.Fast Camera   Fast Camera23=
24.Annoying Orange: Kitchen Carnage Lite   Annoying Orange: Kitchen Carnage Lite24▼2
25.Fancy Pants Lite   Fancy Pants Lite25=

This week’s top free iPad apps

1.Draw Something Free   Draw Something Free1=
2.Khan Academy - Watch. Practice. Learn almost anything for free.   Khan Academy – Watch. Practice…2▲8
3.NCAA® March Madness Live   NCAA® March Madness Live3▼1
4.Plumber Crack   Plumber Crack4▼1
5.Temple Run   Temple Run5=
6.Lowe's Creative Ideas Magazine   Lowe’s Creative Ideas Magazine6▼2
7.Skee-Ball HD Free!   Skee-Ball HD Free!7=
8.Skype for iPad   Skype for iPad8▼2
9.Office Jerk for iPad   Office Jerk for iPad9▼1
10.The Weather Channel® for iPad   The Weather Channel® for iPad10▲1
11.iBooks   iBooks11▼2
12.Netflix   Netflix12▲1
13.ICEE Store!   ICEE Store!13▼1
14.Mahjong!!   Mahjong!!14▲3
15.Kindle – Read Books, Magazines & More – Over 1 Million eBooks & Newspapers   Kindle – Read Books, Magazines & More15▲3
16.Words With Friends HD Free   Words With Friends HD Free16▼2
17.Angry Birds HD Free   Angry Birds HD Free17▼2
18.Hidden Objects: Gardens of Time   Hidden Objects: Gardens of Time18▲1
19.Calculator Pro for iPad Free   Calculator Pro for iPad Free19▲8
20.Amelia Earhart: Unsolved Mystery Club HD   Amelia Earhart: Unsolved Mystery Club 20▼4
21.Alarm Clock HD - Free   Alarm Clock HD – Free21▲14
22.ABC Family   ABC Family22▲12
23.AP Mobile   AP Mobile23▼1
24.Microsoft OneNote for iPad   Microsoft OneNote for iPad24▼4
25.Fruit Ninja HD Lite   Fruit Ninja HD Lite25▼4