Emerging Free iOS Apps: AddictingGames, Pearltrees and Unstoppable Robots

Once again, the free iOS charts showed lots of turnover, with no repeats from last week. In addition to high profile releases from Adobe and Outfit7, Apple released several new apps for the launch of iOS 5, the most popular of which are still dominating the free app charts. For once games didn’t prove to be the biggest draw, with a healthy mix of new utilities showing on the charts covering everything from shopping to bookmarks.

New Titles on the iPhone Free Apps List

AddictingGames – Nickelodeon’s gaming portal AddictingGames has come to iOS and swiftly risen to the top of the free app charts. Released on October 14th, the #1 app collects 18 of the best games from the website such as Spite Cannon Reloaded, Feed the Panda, Happy Clicks and Color Cleaner. The app also adds achievements and the ability to challenge a user’s Facebook friends and post high scores. The app is credited to Nickelodeon Games Group, the division of Viacom that runs the independent developer/community based flash games site AddictingGames.com.

Scary Prank – With Halloween proving to be a popular theme all throughout October, it’s no surprise older app Scary Prank is currently the #2 free app for the iPhone. A trick similar to the surprise animated gif popular in the 90s, the app appears to be a game. Users boot it up, hand it to a friend and tell them to play. A picture of a ghost suddenly appears with a loud scream. Users are warned to test the trick in “controlled environments” due to the risk of having their device dropped or thrown. Developed by Yizhan Ye, Scary Prank is free for a limited time.

Find My Friends – One of the biggest hits of iOS 5 has proven to be #4 ranked app, Find My Friends. Apple’s simple utility allows users that have installed it and approved friend requests to check in on each other and see their locations superimposed over a map or on a list. The app manages the information with iCloud, and includes parental controls and a temporary sharing option for users concerned about sharing their locations at all times to anyone who asks.

Talking Tom & Ben News – Slovenian developer Outfit7 has expanded its popular talking animals line again, taking two of its most popular personalities and putting them into one app. Currently #8 on the free app charts, Talking Tom & Ben News puts Tom the Cat and Ben the Dog behind a news desk. In addition to the standard animations and banter initiated through touch and audio input, users can also upload photos and movies to the app and have Tom and Ben comment on it.  The free app is ad-supported, but for $0.99 users can turn off ads and get an extra set of animations for Tom the Cat.

iTunes Movie Trailers – Another new app from the iOS 5 stable makes our roundup this week. #16 ranked iTunes Movie Trailers brings Apple’s movie trailers website to iOS, giving users access to the complete library of movie trailers, clips and photos in both high and standard definition. Users can also view a year long release calendar, save their favorite movies, check their local listings, purchase tickets from within the app and email and tweet their recommendations.

New Titles on the iPad Free Apps List

Adobe Reader – Adobe has finally brought one of its most popular products, Adobe Reader to the app store. While there are plenty of other apps that give a user the ability to read PDFs, the official Adobe Reader comes with some advanced functionality other apps may not. Adobe Reader gives users the ability to read sticky notes, view annotations and drawing markups and open encrypted PDF files, in addition to standard features like wireless printing, text search, and copy and paste. Adobe Reader is currently the #1 free app for the iPad and was released on October 17th.