Emerging free iOS apps: 100 Floors, GifBoom and Race or Die 2

This week’s free iOS charts are led by independent developer Tobi Apps and its game 100 Floors. Released on May 4, the puzzle/room escape game challenges players to figure out how to activate an elevator with no instructions. Players may have to push buttons in a certain sequence, shake their phone or discover hidden clues within the level in order to advance.  The game is similar to DOOORS, another popular room escape game that hit the top of the iOS charts in March.

This week’s fastest rising app is TapMojo’s GifBoom: Animated GIF Camera. Yet another entry into the popular photography utility sub-genre, GifBoom allows users to make animated GIFs from their own photos. Users can also crop, rotate, change the speed and apply filters to their GIFs. An older utility, GifBoom received a minor update on May 2, but the change was enough to push the app up 112 spots in the free iPhone app charts to No. 21.

This week also saw strong debuts from several games and entertainment apps. Machine Zone’s Race or Die 2 came in at the No. 5 spot on the iOS iPhone app charts, and Outfit7’s latest entry into its Talking Friends franchise video messaging app Tom’s Messager opens at No. 7 on the iPad charts. Big Fish Games latest game Awakening: The Goblin Kingdom also did well this week, coming in at No. 16 on the free iPad charts after its May 3 debut.

This week’s top free iPhone apps

1.100 Floors1▲2
2.Logos Quiz Game2▼1
3.Socialcam Video Camera3▼1
4.Shopping Cart Hero 34▲1
5.Race Or Die 25▲5
7.Rope’n’Fly 3 – From Dusk Till Dawn_7▲10
8.Gravity Maze8▼4
10.XColor Text Messages+10▼1
12.Draw Something Free12▼1
13.Lane Splitter13▼1
14.All New Emoji14▲18
15.SpongeBob Diner Dash Lite15▲1
16.Pic Collage+16▼2
17.Torcia ☀17▼4
18.Deer Hunter Reloaded18=
19.Dot Line19▼4
20.Temple Run20▲2
21.GifBoom: Animated GIF Camera21▲112
22.Flick Home Run ! New Free22▼1
23.101-in-1 Games !23=
24.The Free Ugly Scanner 2012 24=
25.Jetpack Joyride25▼6


This week’s top free iPad apps

1.Logos Quiz Game1=
2.Deer Hunter Reloaded2▲2
3.Skype per iPad3▲2
4.Draw Something Free4▼2
5.Star Wars Pit Droids5▼2
6.Rope’n’Fly 3 – From Dusk Till Dawn_6▲14
7.Tom’s Messenger7▼1
8.The Weather Channel® for iPad8▲1
9.SpongeBob Diner Dash Lite9▲1
10.XiHeartRadio for iPad10▼3
11.eBay per iPad11▲1
14.Pet Hotel Story™14▲4
16.Awakening: The Goblin Kingdom 16▼8
17.Lane Splitter17▼2
18.Temple Run18▼2
19.Jetpack Joyride19▼6
20.Calculator Pro for iPad Free20▲6
21.Adobe Reader21▲2
22.Angry Birds HD Free22=
23.AccuWeather Free for iPad23▲4
24.Words With Friends HD Free24=
25.Enchanted Realm HD25▼14


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