Emerging Android Apps: The Game of Life, Pocket Frogs and World of Goo

This week’s Android app listings were a mixed bag of old and new apps. The paid charts were heavily influenced by Google’s decision to mark down highly popular apps such as Mojang’s Minecraft down to 10 cents, and on the top grossing charts, Droidhen’s Defender finally grabbed the top spot from Gameview’s Tap Fish, which fell to the #2 position.

New Titles on the Android Top Grossing Apps List

[Update] Defender – Defender finally claims the #1 spot on the top grossing app charts. Since its release the free-to-play tower defense game has racked up more than 1 million installs and thousands of five star reviews for developer DroidHen. The game is also very, very big, challenging users with hundred of stages and an almost infinite capacity to gain levels. The game monetizes through in app purchases and in-game ads.

[Update] Blood & Glory – Glu Mobile has a hit on its hands with its latest game Blood & Glory. The app has risen to the top of the Android top grossing charts since its debut and currently holds the #6 spot rising from #14, where it was last week. The one thing the Android version of the game lacks is its titular blood, but Android users now have the option of downloading the unrated version of the game (currently the #16 top grossing app) which contains plenty of the stuff.

The Game of Life – Hasbro’s classic board game The Game of Life is the #20 top grossing app this week. EA’s Android version of the game is a fairly straightforward adaptation that doesn’t change much from the original version. The app supports four person multiplayer through EA’s Pass N’ Play mode, but not online multiplayer. The Game of Life was last updated on November 16th to enhance speed and performance. The game costs $4.99.

Norton Security and Antivirus – Norton Mobile grabs the #31 spot with their free version of their mobile security app, Norton Mobile Security and Antivirus. The utility lets users protect their phone from malware and viruses, something that is becoming increasingly necessary as the amount of malware on the Android marketplace continues to grow. The app was last updated on November 29th.

Cartoon Wars: Gunner+ – South Korean developer and publisher Gamevil closes out the top grossing list this week in the #48 spot with their brand new game Cartoon Wars: Gunner +. A free version of the popular paid app, the game is a side scrolling action title with a simple stick-man art style. The game monetizes via in-app purchases of gold, which is used to upgrade the player’s weapons and abilities. Our review of the iOS version of the game can be read here.

New Titles on the Android Top Free Apps List

Angry Birds Seasons – Angry Birds Seasons is a fixture on the Android free charts but its gotten a bit of a boost this week thanks to the release of its latest seasonal update. Currently the #5 free Android app, the latest version of Rovio’s mega-hit game adds 25 Christmas themed levels that include the newest addition to the Angry Birds flock, the Orange Bird.

Angry Wife – Moving all the way down to #22 we have Angry Wife, a simple arcade style game from website-less developer Dreamfishsoft. In the game, the player assumes the role of the titular angry wife – a woman so upset she’s resorted to flinging dishes at her husband. The game challenges players to hit the husband where it counts to get a high score, but also cautions users not to throw dishes at real people. The game was last updated on December 1st.

Angry Piggy (Adventure) – MPC Games claims the #33 spot on the Android free charts with Angry Piggy (Adventure). The game is actually an Android port of South Korea developer Com2us’ iOS game Piggy Adventure, with a Rovio baiting new name. Angry Piggy follows the adventures of Steezy the pig, Moochew the cow and Hadden the chicken as they team up to restore color to their world after it was stolen by a monster. The game features 40 levels and requires players to switch between each of the characters in order to complete the puzzles.

Pocket Frogs – NimbleBit’s iOS hit Pocket Frogs finally makes its debut on the Android charts under the Mobage label. Currently ranked as the #44 free app, Pocket Frogs challenges players to collect and breed a near infinite number of unique frogs – 15,000 in all. While the core of the game can be played for free, players can speed up breeding and expand their frog habitats through in-app purchases. The game has now racked up over a million downloads on Android.

Assaulter – Chinese developer CWA Games – aka, Chinese Wireless Arts closes out the Android free charts this week in the #47 position. An arcade style 2-D shooter with retro-style graphics and gameplay, Assaulter challenges players to chase down terrorists across the globe in a variety of levels. The game allows players to play for free for a certain amount of time each day, but longer play requires in-app purchases.

New Titles on the Android Top Paid Apps List

[Update] Minecraft – The paid charts were dominated by Google’s 10 cent special this week. After reaching 10 billion cumulative app downloads, the prices on many popular paid apps were discounted to just 10 cents. Mojang’s popular game Minecraft was one of those selected apps and the price drop from $6.99 to 10 cents proved popular enough with Android consumers that the app surged up to the #1 spot. As of writing, the price had been restored to its previous level.

Endomondo Sports Tracker Pro – Another one of the apps boosted up the paid charts by the Android 10 cent special, Endomondo’s Endomondo Sports Tracker Pro allows a user to track their outdoor activities, using thier phone’s built in GPS to calculate distance, speed and track their workout route on a map. Currently the #8 paid app, Endomondo Sports Tracker Pro also adds a social element – users can share their workouts on Facebook and read a news feed with recent updates from friends who are also using the app. Endomondo Sports Tracker Pro costs $4.00.

World of Goo – 2D Boy’s widely acclaimed puzzle game World of Goo is this week’s #10 paid Android app, seeing more than 10,00 downloads since its debut at the end of November. In the game, players must drag and drop Goo Balls to build structures, solve puzzles and explore a mysterious world. The Android version also includes OpenFeint powered leaderboards that allow players to compete to build the tallest tower of Goo. World of Goo costs $4.99.

[Update] Doodle Jump – Lima Sky’s Doodle Jump was one of the first mobile games to achieve breakout hit status upon its release in 2009, and is still going strong as this week’s #26 paid app. The platformer requires players to guide a character called the Doodler up an endless series of platforms using their device’s tilt controls. The $0.99 game was last updated on March 25th adding support for Honeycomb tablets. Doodle Jump is credited to publisher Gamehouse on Android.

Bejeweled 2 – While EA has retired Bejeweled 2 on iOS, splitting Popcap’s hit game into Bejeweled Blitz and a standalone Bejeweled app, Bejeweled 2 is still going strong on the Android paid charts, sitting in the #47 spot. The $2.99 Android version of the Bejeweled 2 doesn’t include the popular Facebook connected Blitz functionality so its unknown at this point when or if EA will retire the game on Android. Bejeweled 2 has been downloaded almost 500,000 times on the Android store.