Emerging Android Apps: Drag Racing, Word Search, Adventures of Tintin

The Android charts looked much more stable this week with the end of most major holiday sales, but the big exception was Gameloft, which offered a $0.99 sale that pushed many of its games to the top of the paid charts. New releases didn’t have much luck this week, but Melimots and Christmas Game both found some success on the free charts.

This week’s top grossing Android apps

[Update] Smurfs Village – Capcom’s Beeline Interactive unit kicks off this week’s top grossing Android charts in the No. 5 position with Smurfs Village. The hit iOS game has been able to translate its popularity to Android, and has become a top grossing chart mainstay since its release in September.

[Update] Life is Crime – When Inside Mobile Apps interviewed Red Robot Labs in December, Life is Crime was the No. 8 top grossing Android app. Nearly a month later, the location-based MMO’s ranking hasn’t changed. Life is Crime had a big content update on Dec. 21 to add new avatar heads, gang events and a new tutorial.

[Update] Drag Racing – Estonian developer Creative Mobile’s game Drag Racing claims the No. 16 spot on the top grossing charts this week. The free-to-play racing game includes more than 50 real, licensed cars that can be upgraded, customized and fine-tuned for peak performance in online multiplayer drag races.

LogMeIn Ignition – LogMeIn’s self-titled productivity utility LogMeIn Ignition is this week’s No. 28 top grossing app, despite its hefty $29.99 price tag. The app allows users to to log into their desktop computers remotely from their Android devices, allowing them to retrieve files, run desktop programs and even perform tech support.

[Update] iMobsters – Storm8’s iMobsters may not be the No. 1 mafia game on Android, but this week’s No. 39 top grossing app experienced a surge in downloads over Christmas that could revitalize its prospects. The free-to-play multiplayer online game currently has more than 1.6 million players according to its Marketplace listing.

This week’s top free Android apps

Words With Friends Free – Zynga’s popular mobile game Words With Friends leads the free Android charts in the No. 4 position this week. Installs for the game have been climbing steadily over the past month, and have now surpassed 10 million total. The game was updated on Dec. 29 to add the Words With Friends Store, which allows users to purchase hints and help for their games.

[Update] Word Search – French developer Melimots repeats its showing on the free charts this week with its game Word Search climbing from the from the No. 17 spot to the No. 7 spot in just a week. The colorful, visually appealing game is a word search puzzle game and has already racked up more than 1 million downloads.

Barcode Scanner – Moving down to the No. 17 spot, we have ZXing Team’s open source utility Barcode Scanner. A multipurpose scanner utility, the app supports barcodes and multiple types of QR codes. Once a user scans a barcode with the app, they can conduct either a product or Internet search, allowing them to look up prices and comparatively shop on the fly.

Twitter – Twitter’s official Android app is No. 19 on the free charts this week. A standby that we see on the free Android charts week after week, the utility was just updated on Jan. 4 for stability fixes.

Fruit Shoot – Independent developer Christmas Game makes the Android free charts this week in the No. 23 spot with its black-humored game Fruit Shoot. A fairly violent game that advertises an 18 and over warning due to it’s “realistic” graphics. The game hasn’t been updated since its Nov. 21 release, but has still seen more than 1 million installs.

This week’s top paid Android apps

[Update] Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation – Gameloft leads the paid charts this week after a massive sale that has discounted almost all of its apps to $0.99. Five out of the Top 10 paid apps are Gameloft titles. This week’s No. 1 paid app is Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation. Although the app has since returned to its standard price of $6.99, it was still discounted on Monday, which pushed it to the top of the charts.