Embedding Tweets Just Got Simpler

Ever have questions about embedding tweets and didn’t know we had a handy post explaining how to do just that?

Well, now you can also read this new post detailing Twitter’s enhancements to its “embedding tweets” feature. This was just released today!

Not sure what an embedded tweet is? It looks like this: 

You can click on an embedded tweet or any of its tags to interact with it. Awesomeness.

Well, Twitter just announced some enhancements to this feature. Instead of clicking “details” and then “embed this tweet” – you can now do THIS:

No muss, no fuss – one click to get to embed.

And then you’ll see the code, which you can copy and paste onto your website:

What else is new about this? We’ll let Twitter sum up:

More content and context. Embedded Tweets display photos, videos, article summaries and other content shared in a Tweet, just like you see on twitter.com. You can also view retweet and favorite counts to better understand engagement, and we’ve made some tweaks to the design so that embedded Tweets are easier to read.

Faster loading. You’ll see Embedded Tweets show up faster on the sites you visit.

You can also do all of this from Tweetdeck (assuming it doesn’t shut down, that is).

Having trouble getting your tweet to embed? Twitter has you covered with a long list of troubleshooting tips here.

Do you usually embed tweets? I’m a fan of taking a screenshot in case they get deleted and linking to the tweet.

(Twitter image from Shutterstock)