HOWTO: Embed Tweets Into Any Website Or Blog [TWITTER TIP]

Ever since Twitter first opened its doors, various methods have been proposed to allow bloggers and web designers to embed tweets into websites and blogs. Most of these have been crude hacks, and like me you probably resorted to cutting and pasting an image of the tweet into your site, as that was typically the best way to preserve it for others to see. This served a purpose, and made it easy for visitors to read that tweet, but they were unable to interact with it in any way.

Yesterday Twitter unveiled a boatload of design and functionality changes to and their apps suite, which we’ve covered in detail on AllTwitter.

They’ve also implemented functionality on that allows any tweet to be embedded into any website, YouTube-style. This is both incredibly welcome and really useful. And here’s how you do it.

First of all, go to and find the tweet you want to embed. Mouseover the tweet and click on the Open link that now shows on the right-hand side of the tweet, then scroll down and click on the Details link that has appeared.

This will route you through to the permalink URL for that tweet. But the way the tweet now looks has been changed slightly, and if you look closely there’s a new link called Embed this Tweet. Click on that.

You’ll get a pop-up window, and from here you can quickly grab the HTML for the tweet and copy and paste it into the website of your choice.

Like this:

Embedding tweets in this (official) way has numerous advantages, because readers can now interact with the tweet like they would do on, and are able to reply, retweet and favorite the tweet right there on your site. They can also follow and/or visit the profile directly from the embedded message.

You can also edit the alignment of the tweet, and also grab the shortcode (for WordPress blogs) and direct link if this is what you need.

Also, this isn’t limited to accounts that you run – you can embed tweets from any profile in the exact same way. And where used, this method also includes any embedded media in the tweet – such as a photo – as well.

(No word yet on what happens to an embedded tweet if it ever gets deleted – hopefully it won’t destroy the internet and life as we know it.)

Hats off to Twitter. This is long overdue but they’ve made this incredibly easy to do, and anyone who’s ever embedded a YouTube video into a website will pick this up in no time at all.