Is That Email Really From Twitter? Most Likely, Yes

Hackers and phishers and spammers and zombies are always coming up with ways to get your personal information, but Twitter wants you to know that when you receive an email from it’s a the real deal. Probably.

Twitter posted today about it’s snazzy new email protocols, specifically “a new technology called DMARC that makes it extremely unlikely that most of our users will see any email pretending to be from a address.”

DMARC is a relatively new security protocol created by a group of organizations to help reduce the potential for email-based abuse.

Without getting too technical, DMARC solves a couple of long-standing operational, deployment, and reporting issues related to email authentication protocols. It builds on established authentication protocols (DKIM and SPF) to give email providers a way to block email from forged domains popping up in inboxes.

How does it work, specifically? You can read all the technical stuff here.

Hopefully this announcement doesn’t come across as a challenge to hackers. Maybe you should still exercise some common sense and not hand over your social security number to the next prince that pings you – regardless of the address or no.

Does this put your mind at ease?

(Scared person image from Shutterstock)