Twitter And Facebook Are Essential, But Email Marketing Is Alive And Well [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you know that there are three times as many email accounts as all of the profiles on Twitter and Facebook combined?

At a time when many marketers are still struggling with accurately measuring their social media ROI (return on investment), it’s easy to forget that tried-and-tested platforms such as email still have a legitimate place in every brand’s digital strategy. While the glittering lure of Twitter and Facebook is hard to ignore – and only a very foolish marketer would do so – recent studies have shown that email marketing *still* converts better than search and social, and there’s no indication that this is going to change anytime soon.

Indeed, 13 percent of holiday shoppers say that email newsletters are their favourite source of locating deals, ahead of 3 percent who prefer Facebook and just 1 percent who like Twitter.

This infographic from iContact takes a closer look at why email marketing is alive and well.

(Source: iContact. Email image via Shutterstock.)