Get An Email Alert When Your Twitter Contacts Change Jobs, Location With NetworkUpdater

You’ve got hundreds, if not thousands, of connections on Twitter and other social networks, and it’s not easy keeping up-to-date on what they’re all up to.

Enter NetworkUpdater, a service that sends you an email alert whenever someone on Twitter or Facebook changes their profile.

NetworkUpdater connects to your Facebook or Twitter account and automatically emails you when someone moves, gets a new job, changes their website and more.

It’s a simple service to use: you just visit the website, connect your Twitter account, and select the accounts you follow that you want to be informed about.

You can choose whether you want to receive daily or weekly emails, and what changes you want to keep track of: bio changes, avatar changes, location changes and/or URL changes.

Why would you want to keep tabs on your connections like this? Let’s say someone changes careers and suddenly they’re a potential client. Or someone else moves to your hometown and you can now meet up for those drinks you’ve always wanted to have. Or someone is about to launch a new product and you want to be the first to know.

By staying on top of the changes in your network, you can be the first to congratulate a colleague on his new job or offer a freelance designer a contract.

And it’s nearly impossible to do this manually. You’d have to visit all the profiles in your network and note who’s made changes and who hasn’t – which not only requires you to check in every day or week, but also remember what their profiles looked like before the change!

The automatic emails you’ll get after signing up mean you won’t have to visit each and every profile of each and every person you’re interested in keeping up with on Twitter.

Network Updater is the creation of Jeroen Bertrams and Joris Leermakers, and currently tracks over 100,000 profiles on Twitter and Facebook.

(Email notification image via Shutterstock)