Elvis Mitchell: ‘Showbiz journalism is even more shallow than I thought’

Since departing The New York Times in 2005, Elvis Mitchell has continued to host “The Treatment,” his popular weekly syndicated public radio show. But, after the media missed the biggest scoop in his Interview piece with Joaquin Phoenix, Mitchell called the field of entertainment news “shallow” and said his fellowjournos still have much work to do.

“Showbiz journalism is even more shallow than I thought it would be,” “There is a pretty lengthy part of the conversation that is about race, which I thought was as worthy if not more so as to what he was saying about awards season,” said Mitchell in the latest installment of Mediabistro’s So What Do You Do series.

“That he walked away from a movie because he wasn’t happy with the way it was being handled, and he thought there was this inertia that plays on this really antiquated attitude towards people of color in the movies. And so far as I can see, almost nobody picked that up. I thought that would have been the thing that had people really jumping.”

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