Elton John Ready to Rock Anaheim with High-Tech Piano Trick

The coolest aspect of Elton John‘s scheduled five-song performance for Yamaha dealers Friday night at California Adventure will unfold many miles from the Hyperion Theater stage. As the entertainer rocks out with a 70-piece orchestra to help celebrate the company’s 125th anniversary, his Disklavier keystrokes will be electronically transmitted to other pianos around the world and simultaneously auto-played. That’s right; Sir Elton has finally figured out how to be two places at once.

“Elton John is one of the most successful and influential music makers of our time, and Yamaha is thrilled to bring him to a global audience in this history-making manner,” said Chris Gero, vice president of Yamaha Entertainment Group of America, which is producing the event. “This exciting event will also demonstrate how Yamaha DisklavierTV is forever changing the way in which a live piano concert can be enjoyed in real time around the world.”

Spectators in remote locations will get to watch the orchestra on TV monitors and a phantom-played centerpiece piano. John and the company go way back; Yamaha has built all of his touring pianos for the past few decades, including the Million Dollar one he uses for Caesars Palace shows.

Bass player Nathan East will serve as music director for the Friday California RemoteLive Adventure, while composer James Newton Howard will conduct the 70-piece orchestra. Just another reminder that John always seems to find new and exciting ways to entertain the masses.

A live stream of the full event can be viewed here.