Sir Elton John’s Cell Phone Shocker

The ultimate boss move.

This time last year, we were confirming that Christopher Nolan does not own a cell phone. And now, thanks to the latest episode of James Corden’s fantabulous Carpool Karaoke, we know the same is true of another London-minted showbiz titan – Sir Elton John.

Corden was visibly amazed when Sir Elton revealed he does not own a mobile phone. “There’s usually a security person [around me] with a phone,” the singer-songwriter explained. “I do have an iPad.” In other words, if famed British choreographer Arlene Phillips wants to tease John for recalling how she deemed him the worst dancer she’s ever worked with, and jokingly during the Corden ride calling her the B-word, she’ll have to settle for email, a land line or figure out the number of a nearby protector.

Corden made a very interesting choice with regards to the content of his post-Super Bowl 50 exposure slot. Instead of sitdown guests, he crammed in various features to go along with the karaoke (lengthened on the Web). With additional help from his parents, Cindy Crawford and a trio of young Hollywood stars, the fast-rising Brit likely gained himself a host of new fans.

John has also mentioned several times previously to Jimmy Kimmel that he does not own a cell phone. Most recently during a Jan. 19 appearance on the ABC talk show.

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