Elliott Wilson Shares His Tips for Social Media Branding

The man known as hip-hop's social media authority has perfected the art of branding on Twitter.

Elliott-Wilson-600Elliott Wilson is known as the ‘GOAT of Hip-Hop Journalism.” He’s been in the business for 20 years and has been dominating Twitter since ’08. With close to 200,000 followers and over 247K tweets, Wilson has been dubbed hip-hop’s social media authority.

This journalist-turned entrepreneur has several brands to promote daily, from his site Rap Radar to his live interview show, CRWN, on Myspace. Over the years, Wilson has perfected the art of branding on Twitter. Here are a few tips he’s picked up along the way:

1. Be natural. “It has to be organic. You have to find your voice. You have to be fearless… even if you are private. You have to have confidence in expressing yourself. Be sincere and honest.”

2. Log off sometimes. “You don’t need to be on 24 hours a day, [especially] if you’re not in the right mood or you’re not in the right headspace. There [are] times when even I have to unplug for an hour or two… because not really inspiring me.”

3. Join the community. “Respect other people’s voices. Be of the people and talk with the people. Don’t talk at them. Engage with them. And by being open to doing that, you develop a comfort in it, and I think that that’s really the key.”

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