Ellies 2007: The Liveblog


After winning in five of seven nominated categories, New York editor-in-chief Adam Moss juggles his way up to the winners’ circle

FishbowlNY will be liveblogging tonight’s National Magazine Awards — the so-called Ellies — from the blingy confines of at Jazz @ Lincoln Center. Refresh FishbowlNY all night for the latest winners, losers and, of course, unhinged acceptance speeches from inside Frederick P. Rose Hall.


6:08PM: Martha Stewart arrives.
6:24PM: Adam Moss and David Remnick wrap up a long conversation.
ellies_2007_anna_wintour_sm.jpg7:28PM: Vogue editor Anna Wintour arrives. Late.
7:33PM: “Are you up for an award?” Wintour: “Best picture or something. We never win.”
7:33PM: One-half of mediabistro.com editorial coverage [Rebecca] quakes after the other half [Dylan], while thanking her for posing for a picture, slaps Wintour on the shoulder as if we’d just spent a long night chugging beers with her. A faint halo emanates from rogue hand for rest of evening.


7:38PM: KT Tunstall prefaces performance by billing herself as one of the few musicians who can read and thanks editors for their efforts, since magazines have been partly responsible for her not commiting suicide during all the time she spends in airports.
7:40PM: Via video, Ellen Degeneres also hails magazines: “Thanks to W for enabling me to show my bra to so many people at one time.” Also pays tribute to David Remnick, Richard Stengel, Graydon Carter, and Martha Stewart, and wraps up with a rallying cry: “Give ’em hell, Cat Fancy…”
7:42PM: Cindi Leive vows not to refer to the Ellies as “the Oscars of the magazine world.”
7:50PM: Lauded in the nominees reel for its “frightening insight,” Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists wins for General Excellence under 100,000 circ. Shocker. Congrats, Mark Strauss! Seated in the nosebleeds, he takes two minutes to find the stage. Accepts award, saying it’s a “terrible, terrible name for a magazine.” Actual, physical Ellie is a menacing-looking octopus of bronzed metal resembling an oversized ninja star. Probably winds up being the weirdest-looking item in most winners’ offices.

8:00PM: Presenting the Reviews and Criticism award, Kevin Bacon takes opportunity to read crowd his own reviews, including one from Footloose. Points out to editor-heavy crowd, “I haven’t had a cover since 1982.”
8:03PM: The Nation wins for Reviews and Criticism.
Public Interest.
8:06PM: Today‘s Ann Curry hands the Public Interest Ellie to Vanity Fair. Overhear WWD reporters puzzling over Graydon Carter‘s choice of trousers. Dockers and velvet pants both thrown out as options.
8:10PM: GQ walks away with Feature Writing for Andrew Corsello‘s vision of Zimbabwe. Editor Jim Nelson seems most psyched to accept the award from presenter “Ira-fricking-Glass!”
8:12PM: Foreign Policy and Moisés Naím pick up General Excellence for 100,000 to 250,000.
8:15PM: Ugly Betty presents leisure award via pretaped video. O wins, but Oprah is absent (BFF Gayle King, however, was seen milling around during cocktail hour). Editor Amy Gross accepts, giddy that the O‘s “Susan Lucci curse” is over.
8:18PM: Sopranos actor and presenter Edie Falco: “I remember reading a column once about how my show is bad for society. I don’t know what became of that writer.”
8:20PM: Graydon Carter‘s Vanity Fair becomes the night’s first two-time winner, grabbing the Columns and Commentary award. After-party at the Waverly Inn, anyone? Christopher Hitchens‘ piece is honored. Accepting, Carter says Hitchens is at work on a piece about self-improvement, describing how Hitchens returned from a manicure to have Carter suggest he tackle waxing next. Hitchens asks Carter where men get waxed, exactly. Carter’s response: “The back, the crack and the sack.” Hitchens’ reply: “In for a penny, in for a pound.” Audience now knows they’re in for a gross.
8:25PM: After New York wins General Circ. 250,000 to 500,000, editor Adam Moss deems the award “unexpected.”
8:30PM Time reporter Michael Weisskopf — who lost his hand in Iraq — presents award for reporting to … Esquire, for C.J. Chivers‘s Russian school massacre story. David Granger calls it “greatest example of reporting I’ve ever read.”
8:38PM: Presenter Kurt Andersen goes political, introducing the fiction nominees who “create vivid, convincing, imaginary worlds. No, they don’t work for the White House.”
8:40PM: McSweeney’s wins for Fiction, but Dave Eggers ain’t on the scene. Managing editor Eli Horowitz (“coming from The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists section”) accepts.
8:45PM: New York takes another one, this time walking with the design Ellie. Moss calls ex-designer Luke Hayman a traitor.
8:49PM: Martha Nelson hands the General Excellence (500,000 to 1,000,000) to Wired. Rocking some San Francisco-style formalwear, in a colored shirt unbuttoned to reveal the t-shirt beneath, Chris Anderson fulfills our handicapping promise, gives a shout-out to Si Newhouse.
8:50PM: Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales presents the historic Web Ellie to Adam (“sorry if you’re way too sick of me now”) Moss for New York‘s online Fashion Week coverage.
8:58PM: BusinessWeek.com B-School Channel takes the new Interactive Service Ellie.
9:03PM: Beliefnet.com beats out Slate, ESPN.com for an Ellie in the General Excellence Online, a shocker if you believe Simon Dumenco
9:07PM: Score one for Cindi Leive and the Glamour gals. Actress-cum-presenter Aisha Tyler just handed them the Ellie for Personal Service.
9:10PM: Chef Anthony Bourdain offers the Single-Topic Issue Ellie to Departures. The mag accepts, just as a woman seated near us who cut out mid-show faceplants on her way back to her chair. It’s dark in here.
9:16PM: The magic night for Adam (“I’m sorry about this”) Moss and New York continues, as “The Strategist” picks up the Magazine Section Ellie. Bourdain: “If brown is the new black, Adam Moss is the new David Remnick.” Audience boos.


9:20PM: Bolstered by its 1000th issue, Rolling Stone rocks a General Excellence 1,000,000 to 2,000,000 circulation victory. “I was going to commit virtual suicide if we didn’t get this,” says Jann Wenner — eschewing the black tie requirements but wearing a Gonzo lapel pin. Deems RS an “idiosyncratic mag” that in the last couple of years “just got real good.” Wenner: “We’ve tried to go after Bush for a while,” as “there are a lot of bad people in the White House.” While going on to describe how he frequently “shoots the breeze with the editorial staff,” we award Wenner the night’s longest speech honor.
9:30PM: Perverse filmmaker John Waters presents a photography award. Nominees include Martha Stewart Living, prompting a brief fantasy of how an on-stage Stewart/Waters confab might unfold. National Geographic wins, so we return to the regularly scheduled programming.
9:32PM: Vogue loses out to City for photography award deuce. We’re betting dollars to doughnuts that Anna’s pulling an Eddie Murphy right about now.
9:35PM: The Adam Moss Show continues as Carrie Fisher presents the Profile award to New York for Vanessa Grigoriadis‘ depiction of fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld.
9:36PM: Georgia Review takes the Essay award in shocker no. 2 of the night.
9:41PM: National Geographic beats out Time and Glamour for General Excellence.
9:42PM: Final tally: New York sweeps up five awards in seven nominated categories; New Yorker gets shut out of all nine nominated categories. Atlantic Monthly also bageled.