Ellies 2006: More Notes

  • It was very nice to spend an evening seeing thanks given to editors and staff at all levels &#151 production people, photo and layout grunts, even an office manager. They so often toil in anonymity for the wonderful work they do. Martha Stewart praised “editors whose minds constantly churn with ideas.”
  • Did anyone else think National Geographic editor in chief Chris Johns seemed a little, well, nonplussed in accepting the award for General Excellence Online? “Well, the Web is our friend. It has to be. We all know that,” he said, going on to congratulate the journalists and photographers whom, he said, produced the material for the website to display. The nomination kudos (which we didn’t draft, but, full disclosure, were in the judging room) talked about innovative interactive applications of text and video in addition to the first-class journalism and stunning photography. Johns did, at the end of his remarks, thank the Web team for “putting this altogether in a collective package for our readership.”
  • ASME head Marlene Kahan either acknowledged the jokes or revealed the organization’s ambitions when she launched her remarks onstage with “Welcome to the Oscars.”

  • The Golf magazine team, up on the balcony, seemed genuinely energized by both the nomination and the award they won for Leisure Interests service journalism. Lots of hoots and hugging. Maybe that kind of passion and cohesiveness helps put together a great magazine?
  • We know Graydon Carter said Vanity Fair‘s cover is “basically wrapping to get it off the newsstand” but it’s still a little jarring to see a giant blowup of a half-naked Paris Hilton on a screen over his shoulder while the VF editor talks with admiring gratitude of political reporter Marjorie Williams, who passed away after crafting the award-winning piece on her own liver cancer.
  • Seen: David Remnick and Jim Kelly, leaving the Allen room together. What a room — getting to chat with Jann Wenner, Adam Moss and consultant Michael Grossman (who helped lead the Absolute magazine charge before it went away) was only part of it. The floor to 20′ ceiling slanted window overlooking Columbus Circle, and staged levels of wood-paneled platforms. Man, what a room.
  • At the cocktails it was nice to see CNET.com’s John Morris, looking very spiffy in a tuxedo, and we talked with Mark Edmiston, no longer associated with Jordan-Edmiston, but doing deals a partner at Admedia. New York COO Kit Taylor , Newseek.com’s Carl Sullivan, Steven Waldman, founder of BeliefNet, which once again was a Web finalist. Harrison Nolan, the witty PR Week reporter who sat next to us. Jacob Young, new managing editor of Wired and former colleague at Newsweek. Bruce Shenitz, also a former Newsweeker, now executive editor of Out . Peter Brown, editor in chief of Natural History .
  • Five people sitting around us in the nosebleed seats playing their own betting pool, with $20 each in the pot. We were in the absolute last row, behind Andrea Kaplan, a Cond&eacute Nast spox.
  • Got a few eensy shivers when New York‘s Adam Moss thanked ASME “from all of us at 444 Madison.” Moss kindly smiled when we later quipped to him that the ghost of Maynard Parker and other legendary Newsweek editors were walking around the former Newsweek building.