Ellies ’08: Radar‘s Maer Roshan — ‘You Just Gotta Keep Showing Up’

RadarApr08Cov.jpgIf today’s National Magazine Award nominations are any indication, Radar version 3.0 could be sticking around for some time. The publication scored a nomination in the General Excellence, circulation 100,000 to 250,000 category. After the jump, we dish with the mag’s editor Maer Roshan about his thoughts on the honor, the value of perseverance and continuing to come into the office.

“I’m thrilled,” Roshan told us when we asked about how the nomination felt. “It’s like Christmas and my birthday at once. It’s not easy doing a new magazine in these times [Editor’s note: He would know.] and it’s gratifying to see all the staff’s work being recognized.”

Roshan admitted he was surprised by the nomination. “I guess I didn’t think that [we would get one] because we were so young,” he said.

As for the publication’s staying power, Roshan believes the Ellie nod will help Radar‘s image. “I think it’s going to be helpful, certainly with advertisers,” he said.

The key to the publication’s continued success? Perseverance. “You just gotta keep showing up,” he explained without a hint of irony.


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