Ellen DeGeneres Builds A Large Presence On Facebook

Over the past week Ellen DeGeneres has seen a surge in her Facebook fan page base. How has the team promoted the Facebook page? She has actually promoted the page on air and they are giving way free products such as a free HD Tivo. The promotion in combination with a link on the Ellen DeGeneres website has been extremely effective.

Also adding to the momentum has been the addition of free Ellen DeGeneres show clips. This evening while scrolling through the posted items tab of my news feed, I noticed that six friends had shared a video clip which was originally posted on her fan page. In the past 36 hours I have already seen two Ellen clips float through my news feed and this is not through a paid promotion by the show.

The team behind Ellen’s fan page has received tons of fans, jumping from around 170,000 fans at the beginning of the year to over 471,000 fans today. Ellen isn’t the only one getting great promotional value though. Facebook has also received a lot of free promotion on the Ellen DeGeneres show. She spent an entire week talking about her Facebook fan page.

Honestly, I can’t pinpoint the source of Ellen’s growth over the past week but I’d imagine that it has something to do with her newly posted videos which are spreading around the site. This just goes to show how powerful Facebook pages can be for those that leverage the technology effectively. The Ellen team is clearly well versed in emerging internet technology as well.

For instance one page on their site includes a Kyte hosted clip with Ellen followed by 346 comments. The company currently posts “Ellen in a minute” clips on the site which I think would also be smart to distribute via Ellen’s Facebook page. I’ve included a chart of the Facebook page fan growth below and if you’d like to add to it you can go join the Facebook page.