ELLE: Daphne Merkin At Playboy Mansion


ELLE’s issue for June has an engrossing story by Daphne Merkin on The Girls Next Door–ie Hef’s gal-pals, Kendra, Holly and Bridget. What publicist would let Merkin (despite her last name and predilection for spanking) within 50 miles of the Mansion?

Kendra isn’t happy about the piece,according to Page Six. But to add insult to injury, Hef’s letter of appreciation to Merkin is quoted, and despite what he said on Larry King, Hef’s a fan of Merkin’s work:

I just finished reading your article… and think it’s the best, most perceptive piece on the show to date

Pillow talk tonight?

Merkin also does a bit of sucking up to producer Kevin Burns, calling him “the show’s unlikely and cerebral producer”. Unlikely? He’s the guy who made Primetime Pets and Al Lewis: Forever Grandpa. Burns is more than likely–what was she expecting? Pastel leisure suit and gold chains?