It Hasn’t Been Easy for Celebrity Magazines to Cover Elizabeth Taylor’s Death

Elizabeth Taylor’s death was one of the biggest celebrity stories last week — but it’s timing caused no small amount of problems for celebrity magazines trying to make their deadlines. You’ll notice the delayed response on the newsstand, with Taylor only now popping up on many covers.

The New York Post gives a rundown of how the major magazines struggled to cover Taylor’s death in a timely fashion:

Time was actually the first weekly with a Taylor cover mention, inserting a postage-stamp-sized Taylor in the upper right-hand corner of the issue that hit last Friday, with a 10-page feature inside. People editor Larry Hackett pushed up the normal Tuesday deadline by four days and closed the issue last Friday so it could rush copies with a Taylor cover story to newsstands ahead of competitors…. AMI’s National Enquirer, which has had Taylor dying for years, is running with a cover, not too surprisingly, on “The Medical Mistake that Killed Taylor”…

Vanity Fair is also doing its first ever e-book on Taylor, which may come out as early as tomorrow. The e-book, a compilation of previously published VF articles on Taylor with a new introduction by Editor-in-Chief Graydon Carter, will sell for $4.99 through Amazon’s Kindle, Barnes & Noble’s Nook and other e-readers. Said Carter:

Try to imagine a star who combines the talent of a Meryl Streep with the beauty of Nicole Kidman, the sensuality of a Penélope Cruz, and the notoriety of a Lindsay Lohan (although in a much higher-class way, and without the public displays of private parts and vomiting). Magnify that a hundredfold, and you’re still only halfway to Elizabeth Taylor.

Seems like a fitting eulogy.