Elizabeth Spiers: No More Portfolio Reviews

Former FishbowlNY editor Elizabeth Spiers caused quite a stir among the chattering classes yesterday writing for The New Republic that Portfolio ought to consider hiring Tina Brown and, in the process, getting rid of Joanne Lipman. The salmon-colored weekly notes that this is her second review of Portfolio. In April, Spiers spent 3,000 words writing for Dealbreaker on the sane subject. Spiers, apparently, has had enough of Portfolio (And she is not alone). In the comments section of the Observer article Spiers writes:

”Well, I didn’t intend to do a second review until someone from TNR emailed and asked me, offering a paltry amount of money along with the opportunity to foist my unsolicited opinions onto new readers … That said, after doing it a second time, I’m not sure you could pay me enough to slog through the magazine again. It ain’t worth it. So no need to worry about being subjected to yet another review.”