Elizabeth Spiers’ New (ish) Project: An Online Maxim for Women

Elizabeth Spiers, who launched Gawker back in 2002 along with Nick Denton, and also had a hand in launching this blog (among others), is talking with WWD about her new project, something she is describing it as an online “Maxim for women.” Per WWD:

Her idea is to “cater to the female id and the female ego…It’ll be a little less afraid of provocation than a lot of print magazines are. You can do that on the Web.” Spiers said her magazine would be less urban and would skew older than Jezebel, with which her idea is often compared.

Interesting, yes? Especially considering her track record. And while it may seem like Spiers is attempting to jump on the Jezebel wagon-train with this plan (which is still in the early stages) she did in fact have it in mind back in April of 2007 when she parted ways with Deadhorse media. Here’s proof.

Per the post that Eat the Press ran at the time:

One project was an online magazine – a sort of Maxim for women, and the other was a news-oriented site with a heavy tech component. If I decide to do either or both of those projects independently, it might make sense to find a corporate partner instead of building corporate infrastructure from scratch again. But I haven’t done the math yet, so we’ll see.