Elizabeth Spiers Launches Everup

Mediabistro alum wants to help readers move 'ever upward.'

ElizabethSpiersTwitterPicThe latest endeavor of Mediabistro alum Elizabeth Spiers (pictured) is called Everup. The site just went live, and in an introductory note, she delineates what it’s all about.

Spiers begins by explaining, as the mother of a newborn, the disparity between her ideal and actual morning routines. That sets the breakfast table for the Everup mission statement:

We’ve launched Everup to help you do those things. We cover productivity, creativity and wellness, broadly. We want to help you be healthier, happier and more productive.

And that doesn’t just mean giving you the tools to do it — though we’ll do that as well, with how-tos, hacks, and instructionals to help you learn new things and meet your goals. We’ll also talk about why these things are important (or aren’t) and why anyone should do them in the first place. In the process, we’ll acknowledge that many ways of pursuing better living are flawed and will provide a critical lens where warranted, with reviews and reported stories about new technologies, health trends, creative production and novel ways of working and living. We’ll talk about what these things mean culturally, both collectively and to each of us as individuals. We’ll also examine modern work life and how personal and professional development are intertwined.

The site’s Twitter handle is @everupHQ. And the site’s main navigation bar reads like a tonic for the harried office cubicle soul: the menu options are Creativity, Productivity and Wellness.

Joining CEO Spiers at this debut juncture on the masthead are managing editor Michael Woodsmall and Wellness editor Brianna Steinhilber. Break a mantra!

Update (November 18):
The official release went out today from