Mediabistro Ad Leads Elizabeth Chan to a Very Kardashian Christmas

There was a nice write-up this week in NYDN’s “New York @Confidential” about Elizabeth Chan, a former Condé Nast employee who has found quick success as a Christmas music singer-songwriter. Her single “Fa La La” is climbing the holiday charts, while nine of a staggering 300 Chan songs were recently licensed for possible use in the Kardashian sisters’ E! December 1 Christmas special.

Kickstarter played a key role in Chan’s bold new career, but so too did Mediabistro. While at Condé Nast, where she was an executive producer-director of integrated marketing for Self magazine and a consumer business development consultant, Chan liked to peruse our website.

“I found a link that asked something along the lines of, ‘What is the one dream you’ve had that you were too afraid to try? What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?'”

“It was in the job listings area of Mediabistro, and it turned out to be a call for participants for a Morgan Spurlock online documentary series The Failure Club,” she adds. “I literally emailed, ‘I have always wanted to write a world-famous Christmas song, and learn how to play guitar.’ That was about all it took.”

“Before I knew it, I signed up for a year-long documentary,” says Chan, who left Condé Nast in April 2012. “Since then I’ve earned a Streamy Award nomination, Webby award nominations, International Songwriting Competition recognition, a top 10 iTunes record and today I have the #9 most played holiday record on the radio. It’s truly bananas. I’m getting ready for my first tour in December as we speak.”

Chan may very well be the only person who can soon claim to have been featured by both Spurlock and the Kardashians. But that’s showbiz.

“I do owe Spurlock and his Warrior Poets team for having the insight to find someone like me on Mediabistro,” Chan suggests. “He was my first mentor in this whole journey. We still keep in touch.”

Finally, given that the holiday season is about to get into full swing in Merry Manhattan, we couldn’t let Chan go without asking about her favorite Big-Apple-under-the-tree place.

“Besides being in my living room with my family around me – my favorite place in NYC during the holidays is on 57th Street,” she reveals. “I love the UNICEF snowflake. It’s my #1 favorite thing in the city during the holidays. When it lights up I know the season is really here.”

“Most of the quintessential Christmas carols we know and love were penned about and in New York City,” she explains. “Many of the great songwriters were New Yorkers and some of the most iconic images were based on New York winter scenes. I could SERIOUSLY teach a class at Mediabistro about Christmas music.”

Ha ha – assuming her busy new schedule allows. We’ll get back to Chan on this very kind offer. In the meantime, here’s the iTunes link for Chan’s album.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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