Eliot Spitzer wants to be your friend

When you want to be Governor, you use every available medium. And legal big-game hunter Eliot Spitzer proves it on his new spitzer2006.com website where you, Dear Reader, will be treated to how someone not normally associated with the word “hip” gets a makeover in a way we can only imagine his campaign managers saw it work for Howard Dean:
There’s the obligatory suckup quote to Dr. King (“In Memory of a Giant”), windblown “action” pictures of Eliot on the go, and tailored platforms to fit both a motorman from Brooklyn and a closeted Bush voter in Saranac. Funniest of all, though, is his “friend meter,” which currently reads an exact 8500. Uh, no, Eliot, that’s called a counter. Spitzer does have one persistent cyber-friend above everyone else, one Timothy Saint from Queens who has amassed 10,890 “points” so far by logging onto the site. What’s the prize, we wonder? A cabinet post? Dick Grasso’s stuffed head? We’ll just have to wait and see.