Eliot Spitzer Declares War On 40 Oz. Malt Liquors

0124punk40oz.jpg(And, surprise surprise, the Times patronizes the poor…)

Eliot Spitzer has declared war on 40 ounce bottles of malt liquor. If Spitzer gets his way, 40 oz. malt liquors are going to get whopped with a new 79 cent tax. What the hell, man? You can’t price-outlaw Olde E, Country Club and St. Ides out of existence… That’s just wrong.

But the New York Times, venerable patrician paper that they are, decided to interview people in a poor neighborhood. In this case, random beer drinkers found on 10th Avenue in Hell’s Kitchen:

“It’s messed up, it’s wrong!” said Darryl, who looked as though he was in his 50s and was bundled up against the cold. “You got mostly poor people like me buying malt liquor.” Asked why he bought malt liquor rather than beer, Darryl, who declined to give his last name, looked quizzically at a reporter and replied, “You get twice as much, and it’s got a bigger kick to it.”

As blog Amy’s Robot notes, the personal is political.