Eliot EB-800C – New 8″ E-ink eReader Running Android

An e-reader showed up at CeBIT last week, and it unfortunately didn’t get much attention.The Taiwanese computer company ECS had an e-reader in their booth.

The Eliot EB-800C has an 8″ Pearl E-ink screen (1024×768), a capacitive touchscreen, 256MB Flash storage, a microSD card slot, Wifi, Bluetooth, and a speaker.

It’s running Android v2.1 on an 800MHz Marvell CPU. that should give it more than enough kick to run any of the reading apps on Android.

The production cost has been estimated at $120, which would put retail right around $300.  But it’s still under developemnt, and there’s no word yet on the release date.

via Clubic