Electronic Arts Launches Scrabble, Starts Buying Installs

Last week there was a lot of buzz about the new version of Scrabble launching on Facebook. This week the application went live and it looks like Electronic Arts and Hasbro are putting significant resources into driving traffic to the application. Yesterday I checkout the application and it had 70 active users and around 250 total installs. Today, the application has 1,838 active daily users. My guess is that we’ll see this number increase over the coming days.

The real question is if the application can reach the more than half a million active users that Scrabulous has every day. Rather than spend the money on lawyers to sue the Scrabulous team, Electronic Arts and Hasbro decided to build their own version and try to compete directly with the Scrabulous team. It will take a few weeks before we find out how well the company is competing but my guess is that they have a chance.

I definitely don’t think the company will be able to beat them though. The new version of Scrabble is flash based and a lot slicker than the original Scrabulous, but Rajat and Jayant (the developers of Scrabulous) have done a great job building a solid user base that returns regularly to the game. Do you think Electronic Arts has a chance of challenging the Scrabulous team?

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