Electronic Arts acquires ESN

Electronic Arts has acquired Swedish tech firm ESN, the company responsible for Battlefield 3’s social platform Battlelog. The acquisition comes on the heels of EA’s closure of PopCap’s Dublin office.

The acquisition was revealed on ESN’s blog and the company will be working directly with DICE, the studio that develops the Battlefield games for EA (which happens to also be located in Sweden). The brief blog post also says ESN is looking for more people to join its development team, and openings are listed on the company’s career page.

Battlelog allows Battlefield players to interact with their friends, as well as use in-game features from the web like engage in chat and VoIP, utilize cloud-store save games and take advantage of web-based matchmaking and online events. ESN is also the company responsible for Beaconpush (HTML5 cloud server technology), the real-time web framework Planet and cloud-based VoIP service Sonar.