Elections 2008 – Past Its Prime, But Still Fun

Popularity depends a lot on timing. If Jay Leno starting rattling off Reagan jokes now, they wouldn’t seem very timely and/or funny. Elections 2008 by Miniclip.com is making similarly dated jokes but almost gets a pass because they’re still funny.

Elections 2008 Fight is an arcade Flash game that allows you to play as Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton in an old school throw-down. It’s a super delegate Street-Fighter where you can steer your candidate of choice to punch, kick, slap and beat down their opponent in a hilariously slapstick fashion. Unfortunately, the game only features these two fighters (although both spouses make cameos) and so it’ not as timely as it was about two months ago. Personally, I’d love to see John McCain’s animated character perform some kind of headbutt.

The animations are comical and the White House background is a nice touch. In addition to various punches and kicks, you can also throw a variety of super moves once your meter has run high enough. The fights last a long time and can get tedious, but it’s really rewarding to see politicians get the wind knocked out of them.

Still, there are some technical issues. On the development side, you can’t invite friends once you’ve loaded the game and you can only see high scores on miniclip.com. So the application isn’t trying very hard to become viral, which is a shame. The combat is also unsurprisingly shallow. The character sprites can overlap quite a bit and it’s not clear who gets priority (i.e. whose punch lands first) and the controls are sluggish and clumsy. This isn’t a fully developed fighting game, but with a bit more time spent on game physics and more characters, it could really be a hit.

Gameplay: 6

Development: 3

Timeliness: 2

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