Election Day Antics

Election day can lead some people to do questionable things. Courtesy of Heard on the Hill, we learn that Fred Grandy, former Republican Representative from Iowa, radio host on WMAL and converted vegan, will abandon his dietary commitment and eat a cheeseburger in the event that Republicans retain control of congress. If most pundits are correct, however, it would appear that Grandy won’t have to worry about offending his culinary sensibilities.

Over at CNN, they’ve been mailing out election night care packages to all 535 members of congress. The packages include CNN T-shirts, hats, candy and, interestingly, Wolf Blitzer door knockers. If there’s one thing that says “Do Not Enter,” it’s a Wolf Blitzer door knocker. Remember: If you can see Wolf Blitzer, Wolf Blitzer can see you. If you cannot see Wolf Blitzer, you may be mere seconds away from instant death. He is Chuck Norris, after all.