Election ’08: One Day More!

Almost there! The longest campaign in history is about to end. The candidates have been campaigning for so long that we sort of wonder if Obama does get into office whether he’ll solve the financial crisis through small donation fund-raising just out of habit. Anyway, brace yourself for at least a few weeks of what went wrong analysis, followed by how this election changed the way we lived sum-ups, along with any other tangential topic the media can wring out of this “historic,” “important,” endless campaign.

Over at the Times David Carr and Brian Stelter have got a head start, teaming up to pen a piece on how 2.0 technology have fundamentally affected this campaign season.

Not since 1960…has changing technology had such an impact on the political campaigns and the organizations covering them. For many viewers, the 2008 election has become a kind of hybrid in which the dividing line between online and off, broadcast and cable, pop culture and civic culture, has been all but obliterated.

Meanwhile that same 2.0 technology may play a role in the actual voting process. you may recall that PBS is teaming up with YouTube to ‘Video the Vote,’ which aims to “increase the transparency” of the voting process, including bringing to light any problems that may arise. So bring your digital cameras with you folks, this may be your last chance for election ’08 2.0 fame. And just in case you’re not sure where to vote, Google is making it easy.