Eight Twitter Apps for your Brand New iPad

With just barely a day left before the iPad starts arriving on some 100,00+ thousands users who pre-ordered it for the last two weeks, Apple has gone ahead and switched on the iPad App Store. As of today, there are already around 2300+ applications both free and iPad waiting to be downloaded from the iPad App Store.

Here we give you eight of the Twitter-related iPad app available now at the iPad App Store.

TwitePad (Price: $0.99)

Twitepad is going to be one of the most downloaded and widely used iPad applications. Why? For one thing, it’s the first Twitter-related iPad app. And I’m pretty sure that iPad owners will be looking out for a Twitter app to run on their iPads. And Twitepad is waiting for these iPad owners. Twitepad is a pretty powerful Twitter app for the iPad. It supports multiple user accounts and multiple column display. It practically lets you do all Twitter functions and also comes with a web browser column so that links you click on a Twitter timeline is displayed on that column. Other features of Twitepad include – instapaper support, web to twitter, support for Tweetmeme and Bit.ly, and database back-end. (iTunes link)

Tweeterena 2 for iPad (Price: $1.99)

From its iPhone app beginnings come the second version of this popular Twitter app made specifically for the iPad. Tweeterena takes full use of the iPad’s large screen display to give you a nice time using Twitter on your iPad. The app lets you use practically all features of Twitter that you have grown to love including – translations facilities, custom reading and writing font sizes, GPS location service, Tweetphoto support and definitely more. (iTunes Link)

TweetDeck for iPad (Free)

Everybody’s favorite Twitter app is now also available for the iPad. And like it’s other versions, TweetDeck for iPad is also packed with valuable features including – multiple columns, multiple account support, reply, retweet, DM and favorite from a tweet, follow or unfollow Twitter users and more. (iTunes Link)

TweetMagnet (Price: $0.99)

This app transforms your Twitter timeline into a cool looking flowing deck of cards which you can browse through by finger swipe. (iTunes link)

TweetBrowser (Price:$1.99)

This iPad app lets you browse the web while you keep yourself updated with your Twitter public timeline at the same time. The Twitter feeds are displayed on the left column while the web browser is displayed on the right in tab format. You can reply or repost tweets and open a link shared on Twitter on the web browser. The web browser lets you maintain bookmarks or review your browsing history. (iTunes link)

TweetTime for iPad (Price: $0.99)

TweetTime is a full featured iPad with features such as – support for multiple Twitter accounts, trends viewer, landscape keyboard support, follow/unfollow users, block/unblock users, built-in web browser, built-in URL shortening and more. (iTunes link)

Tweet for iPad (Price: $3.99)

This app gives you a highly usable columned Twitter interface and supports multiple Twitter accounts. It’s also has the following features – columned interface, support for multiple Twitter accounts, Twitter search, trending topics, DMs and more. (iTunes link)

Twitterific for iPad (Free)

Another popular iPhone Twitter app, Twitterific for iPad is another full-featured Twitter client for the iPad. It features simple to use interface, Twitter-based searches and lists, conversation threads, follow/unfollow and block Twitter users easily, filter timeline and unified display. (iTunes link)