Eight Percent of American Internet Users are on Twitter [Study]

Pew Research Center has released its first report that looks exclusively at Twitter today, and the results show some interesting demographic and usage patterns. Overall, eight percent of American adults who use the internet are Twitter users, with women, minorities, and people living in urban centers most likely to use Twitter.

Pew found that 10% of women online and only 7% of men have a Twitter account. Also, and perhaps unsurprisingly, young adults (between 18 and 29), are at least twice as likely to have a Twitter account than those in the age groups above them. Pew also found that 11% of urbanites report having a Twitter account, while only 8% of those in the suburbs and 5% of those in rural areas have one.

Perhaps most interesting of the demographic statistics from Pew are those that examine ethnicity. Only 5% of respondents who categorize themselves as “white, non-Hispanic” use Twitter, while 13% of “black, non-Hispanic” internet users have an account, as do 18% of “Hispanic” respondents.

Here’s a breakdown of the demographic findings from Pew:

Pew found that people with a Twitter account are nearly evenly divided between those who check in once or multiple times a day, and those who rarely or never use the service at all. The two most common Twitter users are those who check their feeds more than once a day (24%) and those who never use the service (21%).

Pew also asked survey respondents about the type of content they post to Twitter. 72% reported using Twitter to send messages about their personal lives, activities or interests, and 62% said they use Twitter to post content about their work life. About half of respondents (between 52% and 55%) reported sharing at least one of the following types of content: links to news stories; humorous or philosophical observations; retweeted content shared by others; and direct messages sent to other users. Overall, Twitter users share diverse content, with respondents sharing 4 of the 9 types of tweets that Pew asked about in their survey.

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