Eight More WordPress Plugins For Newsrooms

More than a year ago, I told you about six must-have WordPress plugins for newsrooms. But as technology would have it, a lot has changed since then — new social tools, new meta tags, new versions of WordPress.  Here are a few more plugins I’d add to that original (and still relevant) list.


This week Storify launched a WordPress plugin that lets you curate and embed social media straight from the WordPress dashboard. All you have to do is drop in the URL to a Storify page and it will be embedded in your post. Before, dropping in the javascript embed code caused the code to get lost if a blogger was switching between visual and HTML editors. No longer! The one downside: It doesn’t currently support customization options like using the slideshow template or removing the header from embed. Hopefully that’s coming in a future version.

Google Standout

At the Online News Association conference in 2011, Google announced a new meta tag for publishers to use that would allow them to identify stellar enterprise content. This plugin lets you specify posts that should use that meta tag, as well as additional options for publisher meta tags like original-source and syndication-source. 


We wrote last time about Edit Flow, which is a great plugin for helping to manage the complicated editorial workflow involved with publishing in a newsroom. Revisionary takes it a step further, allowing revisions to blog posts that can exist in a draft state. This lets editors have the option of combing through updates to an earlier post from the admin screen, without forcing the update to go live (as is the default WordPress workflow).

XML sitemap feed

In order for your blog to be picked up by Google News, it needs to have a structured sitemap. XML sitemap feed is a one-click plugin that generates this for you.

Google Maps Shortcode

This is a particularly useful tool if you’re writing a crime blog. From the WordPress interface, you can drop points on a map and plop it into a post. You can also display all points one one cumulative map.

Add from server

If you want to integrate your blog with already-existing workflow and systems for your photo desk, Add From Server may be an option for you. Instead of requiring your photo staff to log into WordPress and upload into the media library, they can use this plugin and send photos to the WordPress server via FTP.

Table reloaded

Sometimes you have data that is best displayed in a table, rather than in a list or as paragraph text. On the fly when you’re blogging, coding out a table can be tricky or above the skillset for editors and reporters contributing to the blog. Table realoaded is an easy-to-use interface that lets you add tables, columns, formatting, etc., then drop a shortcode into your post that renders a table.