Eggs Take Note: Twitter Offers Animated ‘How To’ For Profile Images

Did you know that Twitter has an illustrator/video animator? Well, they do. And he has created a nifty little video showing all you Twitter eggs out there how to fix your lackluster profile pics once and for all.

Please forward to any eggface hoping to be taken seriously on Twitter. It’s time for them to hatch.

If you think updating your Twitter profile picture with something that represents you is just a waste of time, you’re wrong. We try to avoid generalities here, but feel safe saying this: No one likes eggs on Twitter – and no one trusts them. No one. Except maybe other eggs.

Here’s why:

Even if you’re sending out the most interesting tweets in the world, letting your profile picture languish as the default avatar means you either aren’t tech savvy enough to change it, or you’re too lazy, or you just don’t care. Plus, since so many spammers create accounts and fail to change their avatar from the egg, you’ll scare off potential followers who think you’re just another bot account.

And the folks at Twitter don’t like you eggs either, obviously, as they’re trying to gently prod you to get off your duff and make some changes. That or they’re just trying to be helpful.

Either way, here’s their video showing you how to take the first step in become a Twitterati:

(Hatching image from Shutterstock)