eGalleys: Yea or Nay?

If you jane.pnghappen to be a book reviewer or someone involved in the pre-pub lives of books, you’ve certainly by now noticed publishers’ aggressive efforts to replace as many print catalogs as possible with eCatalogs. You’ve probably heard of Edelweiss, the digital catalog supplier. And you’ve most likely heard of NetGalley, the burgeoning service that enables publishers to send and track eGalleys over the Internet.

Opinions are divided on eGalleys–many, including this blogger, who is also a reviewer and works from home, would love to replace the stacks of paper galleys with neat electronic files that take up no physical space. Others, like National Book Critics Circle President Jane Ciabattari, aren’t quite ready to give up the advantages of traditional books, though perhaps they look forward to a time when they can transition.

Here is what Ciabattari told eBookNewser on the matter: “So far I have resisted electronic galleys, in part because I have a habit of writing notes to myself galleys, noting page numbers for quotations, dog earing pages with critical scenes. I suspect there will soon be a device that will allow me to download e-books in advance for review purposes and still manage to follow my usual process. But it’s not here yet!”

What do you think? Would you use eGalleys?