Facebook Offers Mix Gains New Entrant: eGain

Consumer offers are a widely used marketing tactic on Facebook, and the latest entry into that arena is eGain Offers, which debuts today.

Consumer offers are a widely used marketing tactic on Facebook, and eGain becomes the latest entrant into that arena.

The company provides customer-interaction software onsite and via cloud, is hoping to occupy some of the estimated 700 billion minutes per month users spend on Facebook with targeted offers, coupons, promotions, and surveys aimed at promoting interaction between brand pages on the social network and their fans and prospective customers.

In addition to offers, consumers can access personalized content and contextual help including frequently asked questions, chatbots, chats, click to call, and co-browse options.

On the brand side of things, eGain Offers can be implemented simply by adding a tag to the website code, and eGain provides testing tools and analytics.

And eGain Offers is integrated with other applications from the service provider.

The company’s Chief Executive Officer Ashu Roy said:

Consumers increasingly live in the world of Facebook, so businesses must serve them there. With eGain Offers, they can do this in minutes, using the same solution that they use to deliver proactive experiences on their website.

Readers: Do offers entice you to interact further with the Facebook pages of brands or products?