EFF Files Lawsuit Over Government Agencies’ Social-Networking Use

BigBrotherIsWatchingYou.jpgThe Electronic Frontier Foundation wants to know how government agencies are using social-networking services in surveillance and investigations, so the Internet-watchdog nonprofit filed suit against the CIA, the Department of Defense, the Department of Justice, the Department of Homeland Security, the Treasury Department and the office of the Director of National Intelligence Tuesday for allegedly refusing to release that information, CNET reported.

The EFF had requested information from more than one-dozen agencies in October on how they use social networks for investigative or data gathering purposes, according to CNET.

Examples offered by the EFF in its suit, as reported by CNET: Facebook was used to hunt for fugitives and search for evidence of underage drinking; the activities of an activist were researched on Facebook and LinkedIn; YouTube was used to identify riot suspects; the home of a social worker was searched due to Twitter messages regarding police actions sent during the G-20 summit; and agencies used fake identities to trick Facebook users into accepting friend requests.