EFA Updates Rate Chart

The Editorial Freelancers Association recently updated its chart of common editorial rates for multiple types of freelancing—writing, indexing, editing, translating, etc.

Notably, the units used for measuring common writing rates have changed since 2008 (the oldest version of the rate chart we could find online): instead of “book pages” writing rates are now measured by the word.

But assuming a book page is 250 words, a good rate for writing in 2008 was 20 cents-44 cents per word, or $40-$125 an hour. In 2011, rates are commonly 5 cents to $2 a word. Wow.

Translators have gotten a big boost; from 10-20 cents per word in 2008 to 20-50 cents per word in 2011.

Proofreaders’ hourly wage–now $30-$35 an hour–went up, though the number of pages they’re expected to get through has also soared, from 3-10 pages per hour to 9-13 pages per hour.

It’s of course important to note that these numbers reflect the rates EFA members have reported receiving, so there could be some variance between these and the numbers people aren’t necessarily willing to report (extremely high or low).