Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby Selected to Design 2012 Olympic Torch

Speaking of English things, as we were in that last post (though with far less speculation), the position of Olympic torch designers has just been handed down. The creators of the keepers of the flame are the award-winning duo of Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby, who you might know the names of having just made the shortlist in this year’s Brit Insurance Design Awards for their “Contemplating Monolithic Design” installation at the Milan Salone last year. There have been no images released of yet, as they won’t be unveiled until sometime in June of this year, and given the pair’s work creating both super-colorful product designs and those that are very simple and monochromatic, everything running the gamut from playfully round to super straight, it’s difficult to even make an educated guess, other than we figure they’ll go for those staples of clean and modern. The only thing one can do now is just hope that the Olympic authorities behind giving the okays to final designs don’t muck everything up with some design-by-committee nonsense.