Edsall’s Adieu

In his final Washington Post chat this morning, Tom Edsall couldn’t escape some probing into his future.

Edsall admitted he would miss fellow Postie Dana Milbank “very much,” but offered Milbank as an appropriate replacement when one reader asked, “who are our colleagues going to kick around now?”

And then things get weird for a second:

Ohio: “Sorry you’re leaving. Will you be moving into a full-time position as a NeoCon apologist at the Nat’l Review, or will you be holding onto the moderate centrist viewpoint you’ve shown us here? In other words, will you have to sell out?”

TE: “I will not be going to the National Review; I am going to work for the National Journal, a very different publication, and The New Republic, another very different magazine.”

Whoa. Just a thought, but we’d recommend Byron York steer clear of the Buckeye state for a while.