Editor Makes a Fox-y Return to PC World

pcworld091008.pngAfter a 12-year absence, Steve Fox will return to PC World, this time as vice president and editorial director. Fox, who began working at the IDG Communications publication in 1990, rose to executive editor before leaving for The Web.

Previous PC World editor Harry McCracken resigned in May to launch Technologizer.com, a tech review site.

Big changes at Yahoo after the jump.

Advertising sales executive Joanne Bradford, who left Microsoft for Spot Runner this year, is jumping again. She’ll step into a position as senior vice president of US revenue and development at Yahoo, where she’ll attempt to fix a sales staff that’s been hurt by defections and a takeover attempt from her former company.

Bradford’s jobs will undoubtedly get more difficult if the United States Justice Department investigates the proposed partnership with Google, as rumors would indicate.

The company announced that seven-year veteran David Karnstedt, SVP of U.S. sales, would be leaving on September 16. He resigned earlier this summer, but stayed on to help the transition.