Editor, Circa 2012: We Have a New Product Called a Magazine

This is Mary Beth Klatt filling in for Steve Delahoyde. Some of you may have read the Magazine Death Pool, it’s hard not to during the constant onslaught of bad news online. As long as you’re still standing and getting a paycheck, it’s easy to gawk. Not only are magazines thinner than models on a catwalk, they’re getting harder to find on the newsstands. Newsweeklies such as Time and Newsweek are particularly vulnerable since news and analysis are instantly available on the Internet. Even venerable pubs like Vogue have been hit hard by the economic crisis, reports Mackenzie Carpenter of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. So where’s the good news? Ed Atornio, a media analyst with Benchmark Capital, eventually expects the glossy and lifestyle magazines to bounce back. Laptop reading has its place, but there’s nothing like curling with a magazine when you’re sitting at the beach with a pina colada.