Editions by AOL for iPad News App is Interesting but Feels Like a Beta

TechCrunch describes Editions by AOL for the iPad as trying to stake a position somewhere between The Daily’s all-original (and expensive) reporting and Flipboard‘s endless pages of prettified RSS feeds and social streams However, after playing with the free app for a while, I would say it looks a lot like Flipboard but without any of the social news curation. And, while the app draws content from professional news organizations like ABC, CBS and the Washington Post, it lacks (by design) the editorial focus of The Daily.

Editions by AOL says that linking the app to Facebook, Twitter or AOL/AIM (what?) lets you “Connect your social networks to customize Editions with stuff you care about and to easily share articles with friends and family.” However, while the sharing part appears to work, I saw no evidence that the app did anything with the links provided by people I follow on Twitter or Facebook.

The app is surprisingly unstable for one produced by, presumably, a dedicated team of well-funded developers. It crashes numerous times during my testing. I also found that following an excerpt to the original article led to what seemed like a broken browser where I couldn’t scroll for long periods of time (if at all). I also noticed “flashes” when swiping pages forwards or backwards. It is especially noticable when swiping into a main section page.

While the app looks like one worth the time to play with a bit more, it really behaves more like an early beta release than a 1.1.1 release.

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Via TechCrunch: AOL Editions Delivers A Daily Briefing To Your iPad