Edit, Enhance, Add Effects to your Photos at Picnik for free

picnik_logo.jpgGetting tired of learning the intricacies Adobe Photoshop when enhancing your photos? Are those Photoshop workflows for making HDR, lomo and other effects driving you nuts? Rejoice! Picnik comes to rescue you from what was previously a daunting task of editing photos and images.sample_lomo_effect.jpgPicnik will make your image editing experience, accessible anywhere, fun and free with its awesome and easy-to-use online image editor. What was once started as a premium service is now free to anyone to use.

As an awesome image/photo editor, Picnik gives you loads of tools to use. These include:

  • Traditional photo editing tools (crop, resize, rotate, exposure, colors, sharpen, red eye)
  • Photo effects tool (black and white, sepia, boost, soften, vignette, matte, infrared film, lomo-ish, holga-ish, HDR-ish, night vision, cinemascope, Orton-ish, 1960’s, and more)
  • Adding Texts
  • Creating frames
  • Touch Ups

Aside from these nifty photo editing tools, Picnik also offers easy ways of saving your edited photos to your computer, send it via email, create Flickr slideshows, email to website, printing, and integration to Facebook, Photobucket and Webshots.

Now, that’s what I call a fully-packed online tool!

To get you started using Picnik, all you have to do is upload a photo into the Picnic site and start using Picnik tools. If you want to save your work for editing later, you might as well signup.

If those features are not enough for your photo editing needs and you want more such as more advanced editing features, infinite photo history, professional fonts, fullscreen mode, and other special features, you’d need to shell out $24.95/a year.

But if you are stingy like me, I’d settle for the current free online version of Picnik. It’s enough to keep you busy for quite some time.