#EdgyHeadlines Flips Gender; Illustrates Misogyny In Media And Culture

Ever wonder why men sabotage each other in the work place? Or if men can really “have it all,” with fulfilling work AND home lives?

No, of course not, those questions are ridiculous. And that’s the point of the #EdgyHeadlines hashtag on Twitter – to show just how misguided those questions (about women) really are.

#EdgyHeadlines is a hashtag that’s getting a lot of attention on Twitter right now.

Here’s how it started:


Kate Harding is the “author of Asking for It (February 2014). Co-author of Lessons from the Fat-o-sphere. Recently named one of the 9 Ugliest Feminists in America.” Her Twitter feed is pretty awesome, you should follow her. And @SweetMachineSP seems pretty follow-worthy as well!

Here are some favorites:

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Special thanks to Kate Warren for tweeting the headline used above!

(Flip image from Shutterstock)