Edelman Scores #3 Spot on ‘Top 50 CEOs’ List

We’re not exactly sure which qualities make a chief executive a favorite among employees, but Richard Edelman has them: he’s the only communications chief to appear on Glassdoor’s new 2014 list of the world’s highest rated CEOs, topped by Jeff Weiner of LinkedIn.

In fact, no PR leaders appeared on last year’s list, which featured Mark Zuckerberg in the first position.

We can’t say we’re terribly surprised given the industry’s reputation for keeping things very close to its chest, but one may gain some insights from former and current employees’ reviews, which provided the data for the list. Here are Edelman’s (nice widget, BTW):

The reviews are almost universally positive, with a notable focus on company culture and career opportunities (hardly a surprise at the world’s biggest independent agency).

Nearly every “con” we’ve seen, on the other hand, focuses on long work hours, particularly for entry-level positions. Again, no real surprise there. The only other real knocks concern the considerable size of the company’s bureaucracy:

“…there isn’t as much room to grow and explore compared to internships with smaller/mid-sized agencies or companies.”

“If you aren’t entrepreneurial, [it’s] easy to slip through the cracks.”

Sample headline: “I’m gone but still consider myself part of the Edelman family”. We’ll say this: while Edelman does get a couple of one-star slams, no smaller ad or marketing agency would ever get such positive reviews.

The question: what about the Edelman leadership inspires such loyalty? And what do Glassdoor pages really tell us about the inner workings of the agencies we know?